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By ATMs we can repay loans,paying bills


  • The ATM at Turner Road, Bandra, in Mumbai, you can buy movie tickets, pay bills or book a flight without using your debit or credit card.
  • The machine enables payment via registered mobile (OTP) and Aadhaar platform for domestic remittances and currency deposit.
  • From paying off your electricity or gas bill to buying gold coins while displaying current market prices,newage intelligent ATMs are being designed to do it all.
  • ATM managers like FSS, CMS, AGS, and OEM makers like Diebold and NCR are looking at ATMs with multifunction capabilities like cash recycling, foreign exchange, loan repayment, cheque encashment and bill payment for utilities, mobile recharge and DTH top-ups.

India is 4th rank in RTI Act


  • India’s Right to Information (RTI) Act, that was passed in 2005, has been ranked 4th best in the world, according to the latest rankings of 111 nations with such laws.
  • The rankings were based on the strength of the legal frameworks that ensures the efficient implementation of the act.
  • Mexico has topped the rankings, followed by Serbia and Slovenia.

Gandhi –  A Time’s man in the year


  • TIME’s list is not an academic or objective study of the past, the list gives a contemporary viewpoint of what was important during each year.
  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the Only Indian  who Files his name in the Time’s Magazine.
  • Likewise Charles Lindbergh (1927) was the first, and the youngest, person to receive the distinction. He was 25 years old.
  • Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson, the woman whom English King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry, was the first woman to receive the honor (1936).
  • And the persons like Adolf Hitler, Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and many others are also listed.

$665cr drone base will built by US to fight Boko Haram


A fully armed MQ-9 Reaper taxis down an Afghanistan runway Nov. 4. The Reaper has flown 49 combat sorties since it first began operating in Afghanistan Sept. 25. It completed its first combat strike Oct. 27, when it fired a Hellfire missile over Deh Rawod, Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

  • The Department of Defense announced on Friday that it is investing $100 million in a drone base located in Agadez, in central Niger.
  • The base will serve as a central surveillance hub in the fight against both Boko Haram and roaming militant groups linked to a Qaeda.
  • Agadez is an ideal, central location to enable ISR collection (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) to face the security threat across the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin region.

Virginity tests on female students : EGYPT MP


  • An Egyptian member of parliament is facing ridicule for saying universities should perform virginity tests on female students.
  • Virginity should be a prerequisite for admission to university.
  • Any girl who enters university must be examined to prove she is a maiden.
  • We have a member of parliament obsessed with sex.

China comples its first hanging monorail network


  • China’s first suspension railway line finished its test run in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, on Friday.
  • The lithium-battery powered train, which has a speed of 60 km per hour, successfully ran along the 300-meter test section of the railway line.
  • The load capacity will be 120 passengers per train coach.
  • The test section of the railway line will be expanded to 1.2 kilometers, for further tests on turning, climbing, and operations at train and charging stations.

US approved the World’s First Artificial Pancrease


  • The world’s first artificial pancreas will bring into market , after U.S. regulators cleared the device for diabetics to automatically monitor blood sugar and supply insulin, replicating what a healthy version of the organ does on its own.
  • The Food and Drug Administration cleared the product, called MiniMed 670G, for patients with Type 1 diabetes who are at least 14 years old.
  • It will let some diabetics turn over part of their daily routine of fingerprick tests and insulin injections to an automatic system.
  • Along with lessening the burden of a condition that requires constant attention, it also offers hope that better blood sugar control at inconvenient times, such as at night, will ultimately improve long-term health.
  • This first-of-its-kind technology can provide people with Type 1 diabetes greater freedom to live their lives without having to consistently and manually monitor baseline glucose levels and administer insulin.

The National Game of Bangladesh is Kabbadi


  • Kabaddi, which is believed to have originated in ancient India, is the national game of Bangladesh, where its variant, called Ha-Du-Du, is popular in many regions.
  • Bangladesh finished third in the 2004 and 2007 editions of the Kabaddi World Cup, which featured the international format of the sport.
  • Notably, Kabaddi is also one of the national sports of Nepal.



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