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ExamBin.com is an educational only eCommerce portal dedicated to help students in finding  the best coaching institutes, Online Courses and online test series across India.

Megastore of Online Test Series 

Looking for Online Test Series options, then BuyTestSeries.com is a place to be… Buy Online Test series of famous brands at cheap and discounted prices. You can also apply discount coupons and get additional discounts on the discounted price.

Online Coaching Class Repository 

BuyTestSeries.com provides you with all the details you need to decide who can be your best mentor in your quest to succeed in the most competitive environments. Compare and identify the coaching institutes and test providers in your area.

Book Admissions of your Favorite Classes

Booking Admissions made easy… Now locate your favorite Coaching Class in your area and book its admissions online at an affordable & attractive price. BuyTestSeries.com offers special EMI facilities on large bookings making it affordable for you to enroll in your favorite coaching institute.

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Free Stuff

Get attractive discounts on test series, special online pricing for group admission booking and free tests to practice everyday.

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Attractive Discounts

Get attractive discounts on test series, special online pricing for group admission booking and free tests to practice everyday.

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Reviews & Ratings

Read reviews and ratings about coaching classes before enrolling & make sure you choose the right mentor.

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Analysis and Tracking

Analyse your performance and improve based on the results. Various analytics from different providers helps in practising better.

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