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The recent debit-card of data breach has raised questions on the safety of using the cards, and also that of banking channels such as internet banking and apps.1560-secure-data

Banks need to have robust systems and equally strong software that can safeguard data. With almost all banks pushing the use of mobile apps, their security becomes key.

But it is pointless to have a “secure app” that makes it difficult for the customers to use them. And banks have to take care that the app and their core banking system are user-friendly and secure.

Here’s where i-exceed comes in, with its ready-made and customisable internet-banking platform and apps. The IT products and solutions firm is run by persons who have over 25 years’ experience in the banking sector

 Executive Director S Sundararajan said i-exceed’s Appzillon Digital Banking Suite had apps across all platforms and devices — right from desktop and tablets to mobilephones — and banks could integrate it without altering their existing systems.