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Aptitude Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Ratio and Proportion – 1

Shortcut 1: Direct proportion [latex]\frac{a1}{a2}=\frac{b1}{b2}[/latex] Question: Ratio between salary of Vijay and Badri is 2:3. If salary of Vijay is Rs. 1000, what is the salary of Badri?...

Bank Exams

IBPS Clerk 2017- Statewise vacancies

The official notification for of IBPS Clerk VI has finally released by IBPS. As per the notification, there were around 19, 243 vacancies across various...

Bank Exams

IBPS Clerk 2017 Exam Pattern

With the notification for IBPS Clerical 2017 out, we are here with the exam pattern of IBPS Clerk 2017 Exam. IBPS has been changing pattern...

IBPS Clerk

Clerk Salary

The Clerk Salary  in most of the  public sector banks and some private banks is same and last revision has taken place on 25th May...