Current Affairs 17 October 2016 | General Awareness for SBI IBPS UPSC SSC Exams


1BRICS meet declaration pledges to fight terror

  • The 8th BRICS summit ended on 16 oct 16 with the adoption of the Goa Declaration which pledged opposition to terrorism.
  • The most serious direct threat to our economic prosperity is terrorism.
  • Tragically, its mother-ship is a country in India’s neighbourhood.

2Foreign planes to fly without Indian registration

  • Passengers might soon be flying on foreign-registered aircraft operated by Indian firms.
  • The proposal, once implemented, would bring cheer to aircraft lessors by reducing the compliance requirements.
  • They are exploring the possibility of allowing foreign aircraft without Indian registration to operate in India.

3China to launch manned space mission Shenzhou

  • The state-owned Xinhua news agency said, taking the country closer to its ambition of setting up a permanent manned space station by 2022.
  • “The astronaut flight group is in good condition, prelaunch preparations are basically ready.”

4Hiroshima-like memorial for Bhopal gas tragedy victims soon

  • The Madhyapradesh government announced Hiroshimam-like memorial for Bhopal gas tragedy victims on the premises of the defunct Union Carbide factory.
  • The memorial would be constructed at a cost of Rs 180 crores.

5Astronomers identify 2 extra moons behind Uranus

  • Uranus has already got a more moons than Earth, 26 more to be exact.
  • Two moons located behind Uranus after they re-examined that was collected by NASA decades ago with the space probe Voyage2.

66 of 7 Americans to win the Nobel this year are immigrants

  • Scientists based in the United States won the lion’s share of this year’s Nobel prizes in science and economics.
  • Bob Dylan a making literature laureate, the only U.S.-born winner of 2016.
  • Five of those were born in Britain and one in Finland, making this the first year since 1999.

7Sand artist creates 5 sculptures of BRICS nations

  • Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik sculpture depicting monuments famous to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa during the BRICS summit in Goa.
  • The leaders spent 10 minutes looking at the sculpture that was made by the 39-year-old artist by using about 45-50 tonnes of sand.
  • It depicted the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Russia’s Saint Basil Cathedral, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer and the statue of Nelson Mandela from South Africa.

8‘India won 500th Test vs NZ, India won 900th ODI vs NZ’

  • India took on New Zealand in the first One-Day International (ODI) at Dharamsala, it became the first team in history to play 900 ODIs.
  • India playing it’s 500th Test, followed by 250th at home and then first-ever Test at Indore but nothing of that sort came into notice at Dharamsala.




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