Current Affairs 18 October 2016 | General Awareness for SBI IBPS UPSC SSC Exams

Food Security Act to be implemented in Kerala in 2017


  • A pilot project to supply ration food articles at the doorstep is set to launch in Kerala on 1 November 16.
  • The scheme will be initially launched at Kollam city.
  • It is expected to cover the entire state by April 2017.

Govt plans to rank states on education


  • Quality of their school infrastructure,the government plans to rank states.
  • The idea is to install a spirit of competition among states and get them to improve the quality of education.
  • Their educational institutions and research outcomes will be the other measures to be ranked.

Nigeria, India likely to sign $15 bn oil deal

Two butterflies with flags on wings as symbol of relations India and Nigeria

  • Nigeria expects its oil production rate to jump by 22 percent by the year-end.
  • Nigeria’s economy has been hit hard by low oil prices and militancy.
  • Nigeria has a bit of a cash flow problem right now.

Argentina once had 5 Presidents in 2 weeks


  • Argentina had five different Presidents in  two weeks (ie) 2001-02.
  • After a prolonged economic crisis, President Fernando de la Rua had resigned on December 20, 2001.
  • The last of the five, Eduardo Duhalde remained on the post till May 2003.

House where Hitler was born to be demolished


  • The house where Hitler was born in 1889 is to be demolished and replaced with a new building.
  • This comes after concerns were raised that the site could become a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis.
  • The house is now used by either a charity or local authorities.

NASA unveils new facility to test electric aircraft


  • NASA has announced the ‘Electric Aircraft Testbed’, a new research wing to test electric aircraft.
  • The facility will enable NASA engineers to design, develop and test electric aircraft.
  • NASA had earlier announced its goal to transition to electric aircraft systems within 10 years.

Man creates ‘drone spotlight’ using 1,000W LED strip


  • Daniel Riley a film maker has created the world’s brightest flashlight.
  • He attached his homemade 1000 Watt LED light panel to 8-rotor drone.
  • He released video to show his creation, illuminating forests,building tops and a metal bridge.

NASA Space Station cargo successfully launched to ISS


  • NASA’s Cygnus was successfully launched from Virginia into space.
  • The spacecraft is missioned to deliver over 2,313 kilograms of cargo supplies to its International Space Station.
  • The Cygnus is estimated to support about 250 science and research studies.

September 2016 is the warmest September on record: NASA


  • September 2016 is the warmest September in the 136 years of modern record-keeping.
  • The temperature of the month this year was 0.004ºC more than 2014 September.
  • 0.91ºC more than the mean of September temperatures from 1951 to 1980.

Jharkhand to introduce pension for sports persons


  • Jharkhand government will introduce a pension scheme for sports persons who brought laurels to the country.
  • This pension Scheme was anounced by Chief Secretary Rajbala Verma.
  • Schools should give priority to sports so that children could be encouraged Rajbala Verma.





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