Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 107 – April 25, 2017

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Based on the requests received from many users, we have introduced antonyms of the words that we are discussing. Let us know if this helps to you also.

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In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “The best laid plans: On NITI Aayog” for words with rich vocabulary.

Word 1


Class : Verb
Meaning : consider to be unworthy of one’s consideration.

Synonyms : Refuse, Disregard
Antonyms : Respect, Praise

Example Sentences:

His contempt for ineptitude as well as his disdain for those who held opinions contrary to his was legendary.

A long time ago, an editor left this paper and wrote a farewell column in which he disdained our readers and letter-writers.

Word 2


Class : Adverb
Meaning : Formerly

Synonyms : Old, Past
Antonyms : Current, Ongoing

Example Sentences:

Oil money has corrupted the media and a considerable segment of erstwhile critical intellectuals.

Many of the president’s erstwhile critics seem willing to give him a chance.

Word 3


Class : Adjective
Meaning : clearly visible or understood; obvious.

Synonyms : Evident, Seeming
Antonyms : Unclear, Obscure

Example Sentences:

There has been an apparent failure to contact or evaluate some of the children concerned.

Machines that won’t start up due to an apparent lack of power are covered by the extension too.

Word 4


Class : Verb
Meaning : sign or give formal consent to (a treaty, contract, or agreement), making it officially valid.

Synonyms : Approve, Sanction
Antonyms : Rejected, Abolished

Example Sentences:

The Federal Government will not ratify the protocol until the economic impact of doing so is fully assessed.

The establishment of this air police force has been ratified by the State Council.

Word 5


Class : Verb
Meaning : consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position.

Synonyms : Downgrade, Put down
Antonyms : Promote, Advance

Example Sentences:

I also saw that men were relegated to supporting the status quo even at their own expense if they choose to accept it.

I’m so pleased that he has been relegated to another set of duties.

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