Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 161 – July 14, 2017

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Based on the requests received from many users, we have introduced antonyms of the words that we are discussing. Let us know if this helps to you also.

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In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “Inflation conundrum: on the record low retail inflation”for words with rich vocabulary.

1. Exhort

Class : Verb
Meaning : strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something..

Synonyms: Advise, Urge
Antonyms : Discourage, Forbid

Example Sentences

  • She exhorts her audience to put up banners and posters on the highways and byways.
  • She exhorts parents to teach their young that there is beauty and strength in diversity.

2. Sagacity

Class : Noun
Meaning : the quality of being sagacious..

Synonyms: Wisdom, Intelligence
Antonyms : Stupidity, Ignorance

Example Sentences

  • It confirmed the popular conception that he’s a man of strong convictions but limited political sagacity .
  • Her poems attest to her political sagacity and her lyrical mysticism.

3. Conundrum

Class : Noun
Meaning : a confusing and difficult problem or question..

Synonyms: Riddle, Problem
Antonyms : Solution, Answer

Example Sentences

  • When I awoke it was to the brilliant glowing answer to our little conundrum .
  • I can’t seem to see a clear answer for this conundrum and therefore it sidetracks me and taunts me.

4. Pat

Class : Adjective
Meaning : at exactly the right moment or in the right way; conveniently or opportunely..

Synonyms: Relevant, Stroke
Antonyms : Wrong, Unsuitable

Example Sentences

  • Giving him a friendly pat on the arm, he went off to join the others
  • He gave him a quick hug and a pat on the shoulder.

5. Caveat

Class : Noun
Meaning : a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations..

Synonyms: Caution, Warning
Antonyms : Betrayal, Carelessness

Example Sentences

  • The caveat regarding government figures is a necessary health warning.
  • One should begin by acknowledging some obvious caveats and qualifications.


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