Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 183 – August 11, 2017

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Based on the requests received from many users, we have introduced antonyms of the words that we are discussing. Let us know if this helps to you also.

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In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections: an unseemly contest”for words with rich vocabulary.

1. Coveting

Class : Verb
Meaning : yearn to possess or have (something)..

Synonyms: Desiring, Longing
Antonyms : Unselfish, Generous

Example Sentences

  • But now a more ruthless criminal fraternity is coveting these most unlikely commodities.
  • And it’s not that they find themselves coveting their neighbor’s possessions.

2. Luring

Class : Noun
Meaning : something that tempts or is used to tempt a person or animal to do something..

Synonyms: Tempting, Inviting
Antonyms : Deterring, Disenchanting

Example Sentences

  • They are luring their intended victims into a false sense of security.
  • The film industry always has been a glamorous lure for young girls

3. Plenary

Class : Adjective
Meaning : unqualified; absolute..

Synonyms: Entire, Absolute
Antonyms : Incomplete, Limited

Example Sentences

  • These candidates will then be asked to attend a plenary session of the council to explain their policies and visions.
  • The President has plenary power to engage in war and surveillance.

4. Vitality

Class : Noun
Meaning : the state of being strong and active; energy..

Synonyms: Power, Strength
Antonyms : Laziness, Inactivity

Example Sentences

  • The vitality of a language indicates how well a group is maintaining itself in society.
  • If they do not have vitality and energy, you are not getting the most out of them.

5. Pursuit

Class : Noun
Meaning : the action of following or pursuing someone or something.

Synonyms: Search, Chase
Antonyms : Retreat, Dislike

Example Sentences

  • He is chasing himself in pursuit of a glory that has eluded thousands of cricketers who have played this game.
  • He is among the favourites to win a second gold in the track individual pursuit on Saturday.


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