1. Unwavering

Class : Adjective
Meaning : steady or resolute; not wavering..

Synonyms: Steadfast, Resolute
Antonyms : Varying, Irresolute

Example Sentences

  • You’ve got to just hold steady and steadfast and unwavering in certain situations.
  • I’m lucky that I’ve had unwavering support on this from my parents, my friends, and my advisors.

2. Ensuing

Class : Verb
Meaning : happen or occur afterward or as a result.

Synonyms: Following, Consequent
Antonyms : Previous, Former

Example Sentences

  • Arguments then ensue about physical presence and virtual absence.
  • It must ensue as a result of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself.

3. Benign

Class : Adjective
Meaning : gentle; kindly..

Synonyms: Gentle, Benevolent
Antonyms : Harsh, Hurtful

Example Sentences

  • Visually, the show is a treat, and the tone is mostly benign and gentle.
  • Uncomplicated infections are generally benign but, if not treated, can interfere with daily life.

4. Febrile

Class : Adjective
Meaning : having or showing the symptoms of a fever.

Synonyms: Feverish, Hot
Antonyms : Cold, Freezing

Example Sentences

  • Children with febrile seizures received routine life support on admission to hospital.
  • This period of excitement is usually in the early febrile stage.

5. Imperatives

Class : Noun
Meaning : an essential or urgent thing..

Synonyms: Essentials, Necessaries
Antonyms : Options, Inessentials

Example Sentences

  • We do have imperative obligations to people who are poor and in need, and no government can avoid that.
  • It’s absolutely imperative to trust your financial adviser.

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