Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 102 – April 19, 2017

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Based on the requests received from many users, we have introduced antonyms of the words that we are discussing. Let us know if this helps to you also.

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In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “Lines of defence for using EVMs” for words with rich vocabulary.

Word 1


Class : Noun
Meaning : recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.

Synonyms : Prejudice, Intolerance
Antonyms : Fairness, Tolerance

Example Sentences:

Most of the problems facing women in developing countries are due to discrimination against them on ground of sex.

We focus our discussion on discrimination against disadvantaged racial minorities.

Word 2


Class : Noun
Meaning : the action of providing or supplying something for use.

Synonyms : Supplying, Planning
Antonyms : Removals, Withdrawals

Example Sentences:

The Government’s provision of a limited amount of more money is welcome.

Very often contracting out public service provision works badly if it works at all.

Word 3


Class : Adjective
Meaning : not having any serious purpose or value.

Synonyms : skittish, superficial
Antonyms : Serious, Mature

Example Sentences:

When I do have money, I tend to spend it on frivolous things for myself and presents for my friends.

The defendants delayed the trial for years with dozens of frivolous appeals.

Word 4


Class : Verb
Meaning : apply or bring to bear (a force, influence, or quality).

Synonyms : Maintain, Exercise
Antonyms : Careless, Brutal

Example Sentences:

he needs to exert himself to try to find an answer

Be more loving towards children as they will exert a positive influence on you.

Word 5


Class : Noun
Meaning : lack of good sense; foolishness.

Synonyms : foolishness, stupidity
Antonyms : Understanding, Sense

Example Sentences:

They’ve committed one great folly in the mess-up with the dig tree.

It seems to me that for a country of any size, nineteen political parties is sheer folly .


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