Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – March 20, 2017

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Hello Friends,

Based on the requests received from many users, we have introduced antonyms of the words that we are discussing. Let us know if this helps to you also.

Youtube Channel    The Hindu Editorial

In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “Last gasp tasks: GST bills and rate fitment process” for words with rich vocabulary.

Word 1


Class : Verb

Meaning : To profiteer is to take advantage of a situation or a person in order to make money.

Synonyms : Benefit, Gain

Antonyms : Unprofitable, Non-Profiteer

Example Sentences:

Speculative profiteering and scams were widespread in the early years.

Flappy Bird may be gone, but let the profiteering begin.


Word 2


Class : Verb

Meaning : To heckle is to challenge or harass someone

Synonyms : Interrupt, Disrupt

Antonyms : Leave alone, Praise

Example Sentences:

The audience would gently boo, laugh at, or heckle the volunteer, in Gardner’s place.

Angry fans gathered at the airport to jeer and heckle the players when they arrived back.


Word 3


Class : Adjective

Meaning : Sloppy, disorganized, or dirty.

Synonyms : Untidy, Nussy

Antonyms : Tidy, Organized

Example Sentences:

Your messy room isn’t bothering anyone but you.

Your messy clothes might not be appropriate for your cousin’s formal wedding.


Word 4


Class : Noun

Meaning : A large waiting room or reception area.

Synonyms : Building, Room

Antonyms : Entrance, Open Space

Example Sentences:

If you’re waiting for an appointment in a lobby, maybe you’ll get lucky and find a good magazine or even a peppermint candy.

India’s IT lobby warned on Tuesday that a bill before the U.S pass it.


Word 5


Class : Verb

Meaning : Giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement) making it officially valid after it got executed partially or fully.

Synonyms : Validate, Formalize

Antonyms : Invalidate, Disapprove

Example Sentences:

In either case, 21 states would be needed to ratify the amendments in GST.

The policy must still be ratified by parliament.

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