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Daily Video Vocabulary -December 2016

We will be exploring THE HINDU’s editorial on daily basis for words with rich vocabulary.

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We suggest you to read the editorial to get maximum exposure to the words we are going to see.

Share us the words that influence you to use in your day to day life.

Quantitative Aptitude – Daily / Weekly / Monthly Quizzes Pack

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Dear Readers,

For any competitive exam quantitative aptitude will be a prominent part of the questions in the written examination. Not only on competitive exams it is also asked in several other exams including bank promotion exams, GATE, MBA entrance exams and so.

Aptitude is also a very important aspect of a person’s life. By aptitude, we usually understand Quantitative aptitude that basically judges our analytical and problem solving skills. The reason to have this section in these exams is to judge the problem solving and decision making skills of the candidate.

In most of the exam, aptitude test is conducted as a part of the written exam, which is usually the very first round of the selection procedure. Aptitude test basically involves mathematical questions. In these questions, speed of the candidate matters more than his/her knowledge. Aptitude paper is an essential part of almost all competitive exams. If you are going to appear for any competitive exam or for a job interview, you must start working on your aptitude skills.

There are available books and aptitude study material both online and offline. You can purchase books to read them or you can read online. You can join this online test series course for better preparation . Enhance these skills with our Daily, Weekly, Monthly quizzes.

General Pattern of Quantitative Aptitude in Exams in India :

Exam Name No of Questions
IBPS Probationary Officer 35/100 in Prelims, 50/200 in Mains


SBI Probationary Officer 35/100 in Prelims
IBPS Clerk 35/100 in Prelims, 50/200 in Mains
SBI Clerk 35/100 in Prelims,  50/190 in Mains
SSC – GCL 25/100 in Prelims , 100/600 in Mains
GATE 15% of total questions
UPSC – CSAT Appx 20% of the questions
IBPS Specialist Officer 50/200
IBPS RRB Exams 40/200
RBI Grade B 30/200 in First Phase
Railways Appx 25% of the questions

General Topics in Quantitative Aptitude :

1.      Problems on Trains
2.      Time and Distance
3.      Height and Distance
4.      Time and Work
5.      Interest Calulation
– Simple Interest
– Compound Interest
6.      Profit and Loss
7.      Partnership
8.      Percentage
9.      Problems on Ages
10.   Calendar and Clock
11.   Geometry
– Area
– Volume and Surface Area
12.   Permutation and Combination
13.   Problems on Numbers
-Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M
-Decimal Fraction
-Square Root and Cube Root
-Surds and Indices
14.   Ratio and Proportion
15.   Chain Rule
16.   Pipes and Cistern
17.   Boats and Streams
18.   Alligation or Mixture
19.   Races and Games
20.   Stocks and Shares
21.   Probability
22.   True Discount
23.   Banker’s Discount
24.   Odd Man Out and Series
25.   Number System
26.   Data Sufficiency
27.   Mensuration
28.   Number Series
29.   Algebra
30.   Data Analysis and Interpretation
31.   Arithmetic Ability
32.   Linear Equations

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