As you all know that one of the most important part of these Exams are Descriptive Exam that test Your writing skills,so we are providing structure of letter writing here.Both exams descriptive paper will be same & number of questions will also same.we have discussed in previous post how to write a essay after that Now we will discuss about letter writing.

Basics of Descriptive writing & how to write a essay
Descriptive Writing :
After Essay writing discussions we will discuss here how to write a letter and what are the types of a letter.

Letter writing Basics

There are two types of letters which are commonly asked in the bank Exams.these
1.Informal letter–Informal letters are written to parents, friends, relatives, siblings etc.
2.Formal letter–Formal letters are written to government officials, news editors, bank manager, government departments etc.
In the examination you have to be asked from both types which are formal and informal have to choose a type for letter writing it can be either a formal or informal letter.

Correct format of letter–both types of letter having almost same structure with minor differences.
Format of informal letter
Your address and date
your greetings to
your relations or friends
Body of the letter
Your name
Format of formal letter
Your address and date
To address to whom you are writing with their designation
Body of the letter
Thanking you
Yours name and designation
let’s discuss about some important key points in letter writing.

Everything should be written on the left hand side.every letter should have the from & to address mentioned in the top.
–Under the field“from”mention your name and address.
–inside the field“to”, you need to specify the name & address of the person or organization to whom this letter sent.
If you are sending a letter to newspaper editor, the “to” area should be like–
The editor,
The hindu,
Body of the letter :

This is the main part of a letter and should should contain your answer for the given questions.
–in case of informal letters, you can start with Dear_________
–formal letters should be begin with “Sir/ is advisable not to use the word dear.The next line of the letter must be for “subject”where you need to mention the purpose of this letter in one sentence.
for Example if the question is–write a letter to the editor of a newspaper information about the rise in ragging issues. ‘your subject can be– “sub–rise in ragging issues”
After this, the main contain should follow details of the real purpose of the writing that letter.
Conclusion :it can also be termed as the closing remarks, which are necessary at the end of the letter.

Informal letter :yours lovingly, yours affectionately
Formal letter :yours sincerely/ yours truly/ yours faithfully.
Writing your name below any of the above words will mark the at the end of your letter.
by the following all these parts Students can easily write formal or informal letter in bank exams or in any competitive exams.


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