DONALD TRUMP becomes 45th President of US

Donald J. Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States, His mantra “Make America Great Again.” has padi off.

Trump crossed the 270 electoral vote threshold  with a victory in Wisconsin, according to Associated Press projections.

The rise of Trump, a candidate with no prior experience in the military or elected office, confounded nearly everyone in politics. Improbably, the real-estate-scion-turned-reality-TV-star had not even been a member of the Republican Party for long. That made his victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton even more stunning, preventing her from becoming the nation’s first female president.

But in a rough and tumble campaign, Trump convinced a large slice of the American electorate that the government, Wall Street and the justice system were rigged. “I will be your voice,” he told supporters, who then defied the polls to propel him to the nation’s highest office.


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