FAQ – Exambin

Which Exams Supported by Exambin?

Currently we are focusing on UPSC and IBPS Exams, and we will expand to other exams soon.

Is Exambin Courses are enough to clear the exams?

No, Definitely not. Our courses are aimed at developing interests over topics. All of our lessons are created in short video formats ranging from 5 to 15 mins. Our courses are supplementary to your Books.

How does your courses different from others?

Almost all other course platforms follows standard approach of creating online lessons ranging from 45-60 mins and sometimes more than 120 mins. But we rarely have patience to see all those PPTs or Screen recordings or the one who writes on board. We at Exambin takes the core of the topic and give you an immersive introduction, from there you can continue studying the same in your standard textbook.

Is success guaranteed by you?

Sorry, to succeed in a competitive exams no one can guarantee you. If they do, they simply cheat on you. It is the efforts that you make will get you there. We have a role to play in that by offering a eye opener to the key topics.

Why I can’t buy single courses?

We currently offer Membership Packs which give you unlimited access to all of our courses. The monthly fees starts from Rs.750 which is way less than that of a single course you could buy on any website.

Do you offer discounts on subscription?

We believe education should reach everyone without cost barriers, if you believe you can’t afford to pay the monthly fee we will give you 3 month access for Free. One condition is that you should have studied in a Govt School or Govt College during the course of your formal education.

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