Financial Awareness – 06/09/2016




1. DCB Bank rolls out mVisa, a Card-less solution at retail outlets

DCB Bank, a new-generation private sector bank, has announced the launch of mVisa, a mobile based payment solution that will make payments at retail outlets much easier. Customers can pay now through their smartphones by scanning the unique Quick Response (QR) code at the retail outlet. mVisa is a card-less solution that offers customers the convenience of making digital payments at retail outlets. Customers of any mVisa issuing bank can make digital payments at mVisa enabled retail outlets. DCB Bank has partnered with Chennai-based digital payment companies, M2P Solutions and GI Technology, to implement mVisa. DCB Bank has equipped over 1,000 Smart Shop retail outlets with the mVisa solution and plans to expand it to over 25,000 shops across India in the coming months. Through mVisa, customers can also avail of Cash@POS service and pay for goods and services directly using their smart phones. To get regular Financial awareness updates signup for our website.



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