India-Russia bond: Pacts for two more nuclear reactors likely


  • India and Russia are expected to sign agreements at the upcoming annual bilateral summit for building the fifth and sixth reactors at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project.
  • India is also expected to announce the second site for Russian built nuclear power plant.
  • Russia ‘ s Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin, held discussions with external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj on the general framework agreement for the fifth and sixth reactors.
  • Russia plans to sell as many as 25 reactors to India.
  • Two ministers led the 22nd session of the Indo-Russian Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific Technological and Cultural Cooperation to prepare for the annual summit.

India, China engage on pragmatic talks to discuss India’s NSG bid

FILE - In this Oct. 21, 2012 file photo, an Indian girl poses for photos with an Indian flag at the Indo China border in Bumla at an altitude of 15,700 feet (4,700 meters) above sea level in Arunachal Pradesh, India. For more than 50 years, it has pitted India against China - a smoldering dispute over who should control a swath of land larger than Austria. Two militaries have skirmished. A brief, bloody war has been fought. And today, thousands of soldiers from both countries sit deployed along their shared frontier, doing little but watching each other. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath, File)

  • India had managed to obtain a special NSG waiver in 2008 to facilitate signing of the civil nuclear agreement with America.
  • India and China sat across the table in Delhi on Tuesday to discuss India’s membership bid to the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.
  • Arms control consultation followed directives issued by Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi after their Delhi Dialogue on 13th August.
  • Ministry of External Affairs said ,”The two sides focused in particular on an issue of priority for India – membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).”
  • Talk covered issues of mutual interest in the area of disarmament and non-proliferation.

Andhra Pradesh joins Gujarat, Punjab, achieves 100 per cent electrification


  • Andhra Pradesh joined Gujarat and Punjab to become the only states to achieve 100 per cent electrification
  • 87 and 71 per cent household in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, respectively, have no reported access, there is universal electricity access in states such as Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.
  • 35 per cent of rural households across the country are still bereft of electricity mainly due to lack of effective monitoring
  • Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said that their target now is to ensure uninterrupted world-class quality power supply to domestic as well as industrial consumers.
  • started electrification on our own but then the NDA Government announced the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyothi Yogana for rural electrification in August 2015 under which Rs 400 crore was sanctioned for Andhra Pradesh.

Meranti: Strongest super typhoon of the year barrels toward China, Taiwan


  • Hundreds of people have been evacuated in southern Taiwan and China has issued a red alert as the region braces for the impact of the strongest storm of the year.
  • Super Typhoon Meranti is barreling down on Taiwan, bringing wind speeds of up to 230 miles per hour (370 kph).
  • schools and offices across the south of the island have closed and dozens of flights have been canceled.
  • Four people have been injured, and more than 70,000 households have lost power in counties across southern Taiwan.
  • Almost 4,000 military and police personnel have been deployed to the region to prepare for potential future evacuations.

Expert conferences aimed at transparent judiciary system


  • Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR), represented by its general secretary and Lok Satta founder Jayaprakash Narayan, has decided to organise round table conferences.
  • Nationwide with the intellectuals, legal experts and others concerned to discuss on ‘Judicial Accountability and Transparency’ before making a representation to the President of India and other Constitutional heads on transparent and accountable collegium system for appointment of judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts.
  • FDR took the initiative to bring together three of India’s most credible and renowned jurists of unimpeachable integrity – Justices V R Krishna Iyer, M N Venkatachaliah and J S Verma to suggest a viable model for judicial appointments and a satisfactory mechanism for removal of errant judges.
  • They made joint recommendation that formed the basis of FDR’s advocacy for the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC).

Devendra Jhajharia: All you need to know about India’s most decorated Paralympic athlete


  • Devendra Jhajharia became India’s second gold medal winner at the Rio Paralympics on Tuesday after he broke his own world record with a throw of 63.7m in the men’s F46 Javelin Throw.
  • Jhajharia’s historic effort came in his third attempt.
  • But he was comfortably leading the field through the competition, and never looked in doubt of losing out on his second gold medal in his second appearance at the Paralympics.
  • He first participated at the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games at the age of 24.
  • As he created a new world record with a throw of 62.15m to become India’s first gold medalist.
  • The Rajasthan born athlete, with an amputated left hand, was awarded the Arjuna award in 2004 and the Padma Shri in 2012, becoming the first Paralympian to receive the honour.

Four Paralympians Run Faster Than Rio Olympics Gold Medal Winner


  • Baka twins from Algeria are basking in Paralympic glory after one set a record in the 1,500 metres – T12/13 event at Rio.
  • Twins as well as third and fourth place finishers managed to run faster than the winner of the 2016 Olympics last month.
  • Abdellatif Baka won the 1,500 metres with a time of 3:48.29, a new record for the Paralympics.
  • Tamiru Demisse of Ethiopia (3:48.59) took silver behind Baka, Henry Kirwa of Kenya (3:49.59) got bronze while Abdellatif’s brother, Fouad (3:49.84) finished in fourth place.
  • The 22-year-olds’ achievement in the T13 category for the visually impaired has renewed discussion over the future of the Paralympics, where boundaries are gradually blurring between the top performers and their able-bodied counterparts in the Olympics.
  • “Only secret to his success was “training.”

BSNL and Reliance Jio sign an intra-circle roaming pact for 2G, 4G


  • Reliance Jio and state-run telecom operator BSNL have signed intra-circle roaming agreement for 2G and 4G services.
  • BSNL customers would be able to use Reliance Jio’s 4G services in roaming while the latter’s subscribers could use the state-run firm’s 2G network for making voice calls.
  • We are focused on creating value for our customers through expanding our outreach as well as strengthening our network capabilities, especially in terms of quality.
  • This agreement should benefit both our customers and create a strong, seamless support for both the networks.
  • We are upgrading our network which should take three months.
  • After this BSNL customers having 4G handset will be able to use Jio’s 4G service on rate that both the companies will finalise soon.

Hindi Diwas being celebrated throughout country today


  • Hindi Diwas is being celebrated throughout the country today.
  • President Pranab Mukherjee will present the Rajbhasha awards at Rashtrapati Bhawan.
  • Rajbhasha awards were instituted by the Department of Official Language of Home Ministry to recognize the excellent contribution of Ministries, Departments and Nationalized Banks in the field of Hindi.
  • Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 every year because on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of the country adopted Hindi language.
  • The day is celebrated in the schools, colleges, offices, organizations and other enterprises as a Hindi Diwas with the unique programs and competitions.

Supreme Court to hear PIL against government funding to Kashmiri separatists


  • Supreme Court will hear a PIL filed against government funding to Kashmiri separatists on Wednesday, alleging that they are misusing the money for anti-India activities
  • Advocate ML Sharma filed the plea which seeks to stop funding on separatists for foreign travel and the government spends other expenses as more than 100 crore on them
  • Justice Anil Dave observed, “We also share the same feelings. Everybody sitting here feels the same.”
  • Rajnath Singh’s meeting withNarendra Modi on Tuesday, briefing him on the separatists leaders’ refusal to hold talks with the all-party delegation

Snoopgate: Arvind Kejriwal writes to NCW chief


  • Water Minister Kapil Mishra played an audio recording of case of “snooping” allegedly involving BJP president Amit Shah in the Delhi Assembly.
  • Arvind Kejriwal Tuesday wrote to the chairperson of the National Commission for Women (NCW), Lalitha Kumaramangalam, over the issue.
  • I am sure you will rise above your narrow political affiliations and find the full truth in the cases alluded to in your letter,” – kejriwal.
  • Commission had written to the CM on September 11, after taking suo-motu cognisance of reports of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan being accused of molestation.
  • Kejriwal wrote that the Centre had waged a “proxy war” on his government and motivated cases were being foisted on AAP MLAs.
  • NCW that he would take “exemplary action if credible evidence of wrongdoing is found”- Kejriwal.

Barack Obama To Discuss Sanctions Policy With Myanmar’s Suu Kyi


  • President Barack Obama will discuss possible further relief of US sanctions on Myanmar when the de facto leader of the nation’s new civilian government.
  • US has rolled back economic sanctions on Myanmar since political reforms began five years ago but still restricts dealings with military-owned companies and dozens of officials and associates of the former ruling junta.
  • Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said Tuesday the administration is considering further moves to encourage more US investment in the country also known as Burma.
  • She spent years under house arrest during when the military was in power.
  • US wants to balance concerns about the continuing “outsized” role of the military in politics and the economy with the need to support economic development and show there’s a “dividend” from the democratic transition – Rhodes.

A professor in China is using facial recognition to gauge student interest


  • A computer science professor at China’s Sichuan University is using facial and expression recognition technology to gauge the interest levels of students in his classes.
  • Professor Wei Xiaoyong’s self-developed “face reader” is used to tell how stimulated his students are — and to utilize this data to improve his teaching.
  • “Five years ago, when I came to this university to teach, I came up with the idea of using facial recognition for attendance checks.”
  • “Over time, I realized there was other information we could gather from this data. For example, it is possible to figure out social networks in the classroom by looking at which students sat next to each other.”
  • The research grew from here, and Wei decided to move on to monitoring not just faces, but emotions as well.

After silver at Rio Paralympics, Deepa Malik vows to help physically challenged into sports


  • Deepa Malik turns 46 and a silver medal at Rio Paralympics in the shot put event is the best gift she could have ever dreamed of.
  • “I am so surprised with this applause that I am now determined to use this medal for training severely challenged people – Deepa.
  • For Deepa, it has been a struggle since the age of seven when she was detected with spinal tumour and started treatment for it at Pune’s Command hospital.
  • “Even then, I was determined to complete the entire six months of physiotherapy till I got back on feet.
  • A lot of hard work and the feeling of having won a medal has yet to sink in.”

Indian company introduces innovative smart shoes in US


  • Indian company has introduced smart shoes in the US which claims to scientifically improve running and fitness levels by giving real-time feedback to the consumer.
  • Arnav Kishore, CEO and founder of Boltt, a Mumbai-based startup, introduced smart shoes, a range of smart bands, shoe pod sensor and wireless headsets at Tech Disrupt event in the Silicon Valley.
  • “Till now, all activity trackers and wearables gave data. We are conspiring to change that by inferring this data and giving it a meaning.”
  • Scientifically improve running, track and further fitness levels and show the consumer their health in a whole new way.
  • Playing with a combination of advanced fitness wearables, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Health Coach, the products represent a ‘connected fitness’ solution, accelerating quality of life for users.

Indian Scientists Recycle Fish Bio-Waste Into Green Energy

An ichtyologist - a scientist who studies fish - conducts tests on sea bass inside a laboratory at a fish farm of Selonda company near Sofiko village, about 100 km (62 miles) southwest of Athens November 21, 2013. The future of Greece's aquaculture industry is important for the country as a whole, as it tries to claw back years of lost competitiveness. Six years of deep recession have shrunk the economy by a quarter and shut thousands of businesses and fish farming is seen as one of the few sectors that could help pull Greece out of its economic quagmire - if it sorts itself out first. Fish, mainly sea bass and sea bream, was Greece's second-biggest agricultural export last year, beating even its famed olive oil. The sector currently employs about 20,000 people, and is one of the few industries -- alongside tourism - that has enjoyed strong demand, especially by international customers. Picture taken November 21, 2013. To match Insight GREECE-FISHFARMING/ REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis (GREECE - Tags: AGRICULTURE BUSINESS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

  • A team of researchers at Jadavpur University here has developed a biodegradable energy harvester from raw fish scales that could in future replace pacemaker devices for the heart.
  • Energy harvester thus could be tapped as a sustainable green power source for next generation self-powered implantable medical devices.
  • Potential for personal portable electronics with reduced e-waste elements said the researchers.
  • Fish scales — a by-product that is usually thrown away — contain collagen fibres that possess a piezoelectric property, which means that an electric charge is generated in them in response to mechanical stress.
  • The researchers have synthesised flexible bio-piezoelectric nanogenerator (BPNG) from this bio-waste.


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