Patanjali to set up herbal food park in Nepal


  • Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is on a on a four-day visit to the country on Sunday visited the Patanjali herbal food park in Haridwar. Arriving there amid tight security arrangements he also took a tour of the whole facility.
  • A meeting with yoga guru ramdev and Patanjali CEO Acharya Balkrishna it was decided that Patanjali will set up a herbal food park in Nepal on the lines of one in Haridwar.
  • Patanjali can act as a strong link between the two countries and  said the organization can play a role in Nepal’s economic development.
  • Herbs in huge quantities are brought to Patanjali from Nepal and are used for various products.
  • Immense benefit to us if these are used there as Patanjali is doing here.

BJP backs Ratna Prabha for Chief Secretary post


  • Siddaramaiah set in motion the process of selecting a new Chief Secretary by writing to the Centre to relieve senior bureaucrat Subhash ChandraKhuntia, the Karnataka BJP used the dalit card by backing additional chief secretary K.Ratna Prabha.
  • Khuntia is reportedly a contender for the top bureaucratic post.
  • Congress government is denying Ratna Prabha, a dalit woman, the chance to lead the state bureaucracy despite her having all necessary qualification and experience.
  • Most deplorable on the part of the government for indulging in machinations of the worst kind despite she having all the required experience.
  • Ratna Prabha is a dalit woman who passed the civil services examination with commendable distinction.
  • Ruling party should stop shedding “crocodile tears” over the plight of the dalit community.

We can educate all the world’s children – If we choose to


  • Report of the International Commission for Financing Global Education Opportunities (or simply Education Commission) is out – and it breaks important new ground at a critical moment.
  • Commission offers sobering diagnosis and bold, concrete recommendations about how global education financing should and can be increased and deployed.
  • This report should be treated as a once-in-a-generation roadmap to set global education on the right path.
  • Perhaps most striking is the central question it provokes: does the global community have the political will to place a much higher priority on educating all children – and to ensure the financing necessary to achieve that fundamental goal within a generation?
  • While there has been substantial progress over the past 15 years, staggeringly large numbers of children remain out of school or are leaving the classroom after four years without the skills they should have.

Paralympic athletes will be considered for Khel Ratna awards from next year, says Vijay Goel


  • Paralympic athletes will be considered for the prestigious Khel Ratna awards from next year.
  • All the Paralympic medallists will be treated at par with other Olympic medallists,” Goel said in Hyderabad after visiting two badminton academies run by Pullela Gopichand.
  • Paralympic athletes brought a huge honour to the country.
  • We are proud of them, and they will be rewarded in the same manner like [shuttler] PV Sindhu and [wrestler] Sakshi [Malik].
  • Central government will soon put in place a “long-term action plan” to give a new direction to sports in the country.

Registration of 2,000cc diesel ambulances resumes in Delhi


  • Registration of diesel ambulances with an engine capacity of 2,000 cc has resumed in Delhi after a ban was imposed on registration of diesel vehicles on the direction of the Supreme Court.
  • Transport Department has started collecting 1% of the ex-showroom price of such vehicles as green cess and this comes after the apex court on August 12 allowed registration of diesel ambulance cars with engine capacity of 2,000 cc.
  • Transport Department has asked the motor licensing officer (MLO) to register such ambulance cars.
  • Concerned registering authority i.e MLO (HQ) is hereby directed to register diesel ambulance cars with engine capacity of 2,000 cc, after the vehicle is certified by the fitness unit at Burari and upon production of the proof of the deposit of 1% of the ex-showroom price towards environment protection charge with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
  • Dealers or sub-dealers, who collect the environment protection charge, will then be required to deposit this amount with CPCB for pollution control efforts.
  • Supreme Court had on December 16, last year, banned the registration of diesel cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) of 2,000 cc capacity and above till March 31 this year, in an effort to clean up Delhi’s toxic air.

Google’s Messaging App Allo Should Be Arriving This Week


  • Google’s new messaging app Allo will be arriving in the Play Store very soon. According to tech reporter and prominent tipster Evan Blass, the app will be available for download this week.
  • Search giant is betting big on this app after releasing numerous messaging options such as Gtalk and Hangouts.
  • Allo is loaded with features such as smart search, contextual replies, resizable fonts, and more. Google assistant, an evolved version of Google Now will be integrated with the messenger as well.
  • Allo was originally announced at Google IO back in May along with the video calling app Duo.
  • Many have turned their attention to Allo’s launch after the recent announcement that WhatsApp will share user data with its parent company, Facebook.
  • Just like WhatsApp, Allo will offer end-to-end encryption but the user data generated will be used by Google.

Delhi High Court strikes a fine balance between the right to copy and copyright


  • Three large multinational publishing empires taking on a small photocopying shop near the Delhi School of Economics in a court of law, seeking an injunction to stop it from photocopying their books, seems like the proverbial instance of the mythological Brahmastra being used on a sparrow.
  • Particular Brahmastra though, far from annihilating its foe, turned on its user.
  • Landmark Judgement on Friday, the Delhi High Court held that the making of photocopies of books for academic purposes did not constitute an infringement of copyright, and publishers could not legally stop universities and photocopying places from doing so. A bit of an oversimplification to see it only on the above terms.
  • Main defendant against whom the publishers had a grouse was not the photocopying shop but the University of Delhi which allowed the use of its library to make photocopies, and actively prescribed the use of photocopies of excerpts from the publishers’ books to its students.

Vladimir Putin’s party dominates in Russia parliament vote


  • United Russia party on Sunday cruised to an easy victory in parliamentary polls that could pave the way for President Vladimir Putin to glide to a fourth term in 2018 elections, partial results showed.
  • Ballot for the 450-seat State Duma was smooth sailing for authorities desperate to avoid a repeat of mass protests last time round and eager to increase their dominance as Russia faces the longest economic crisis of Putin’s rule.
  • Low turnout suggested that many Russians may be turned off by a system in which the Kremlin wields near-total power, which could raise questions over legitimacy.
  • We can announce already with certainty that the party secured a good result, that it won.
  • The situation is tough and difficult but the people still voted for United Russia.
  • Those four parties — which made up the last parliament and all back the Kremlin — were the only ones to clear the five percent threshold needed to claim a share of the one-half of seats up for grabs.
  • Looming large was the spectre of mass protests over vote-rigging that followed the last legislative polls five years ago and grew into the biggest challenge to Putin since he took charge in 2000.

Shooters win 3 gold in jr World Cup


  • Indian shooters won seven medals, including three gold, on the opening day of the ISSF Junior World Cup for pistol, rifle and shotgun.
  • Subhankar Pramanik gave India the first gold in the year’s second and final junior World Cup.
  • Bengal boy shot 613.8, his best performance ever at the international level, to qualify in the sixth position for the final of the 50m rifle prone event.
  • He shot 205.5 over 20 shots to edge out Filip Nepejchal of the Czech Republic, who managed 205.2 and took the silver.
  • Bronze went to Dragomir Iordache of Romania. Subhankar, along with teammates Fateh Singh Dhillon and Ajay Nitish, also won a silver in the team event.
  • Sambhaji Patil gave India the second gold when he won the 25m standard pistol event by shooting 562 to easily beat Australians Sergei Evglevski and James Ashmore then won second gold in the team event with Gurmeet Singh and Rituraj Singh to take India atop the medal tally.
  • Junior World Cup in May, India had finished fourth with an overall tally of three gold, four silver and three bronze.

Never seen before images of echoes of burping black holes eating up stars!


  • Supermassive black holes are very large with highest gravitational pull in the universe such that they can gobble up any nearby objects present in the visicinity.
  • Black holes don’t even spare stars and they are notoriously known for swallowing stars.
  • A black hole destroying a star, an event astronomers call “stellar tidal disruption,” releases an enormous amount of energy, brightening the surroundings in an event called a flare.
  • A few dozen such flares have been discovered, but they are not well understood.
  • Astronomers now have new insights into tidal disruption flares, thanks to data from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE).
  • Two new studies characterize tidal disruption flares by studying how surrounding dust absorbs and re-emits their light, like echoes.
  • This is the first time we have clearly seen the infrared light echoes from multiple tidal disruption events.


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