Echoes from stellar tidal disruption reveal stars devoured by Black Holes


  • NASA has released a stunning image showing echoes of Black holes killing a star for the first. Black holes are notoriously known for making spaghetti of nearby celestial objects and consume them for energy and the incredible shows death of a star.
  • ‘Stellar tidal disruption’ is an event in which a black hole destroys a star and releases a huge amount of energy in form of flare which brightens the surrounding. Although, scientists have discovered few such flares in the past but none was understood well.

Barack Obama rails against anti-refugee rhetoric during 71st UN General Assembly session


  • In a criticism of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric, US President Barack Obama said if America turned away refugees simply because they are “Muslim”.
  • It would reinforce the terrorists’ propaganda and the “ugly lie” that the US is opposed to Islam.
  • Obama, who hosted a ‘Leaders Summit on Refugees’ during the 71st UN General Assembly session here on Tuesday, said the world was facing a refugee crisis of “epic proportions” with more than 65 million people having been driven from their homes, more than any time since the World War-II.

Corporation to submit proposals for smart city project by December


  • The city corporation has decided to submit proposals for smart city by December. The corporation held a consultative workshop comprising experts and councillors here on Tuesday.
  • Mayor V K Prashanth said that corporation will conduct ward level discussions till September 30 to finalise ward based proposals. Ward committees will be formed from October 1 for the project.
  • The civic body will hold discussion with institute of engineers, architects, chamber of commerce, Indian medical association and town planners.

Nasa isn’t changing our star signs – but the zodiac is still wrong


  • Nasa isn’t changing everyone’s star signs. But that hasn’t stopped everyone thinking it.
  • Fear, anger and confusion erupted this week when reports, apparently originating with Cosmopolitan, suggested that Nasa was going to be changing the star signs around.
  • What’s more, it said, because of a change in the Earth’s placement, 86 per cent of people’s star signs were wrong.

China probes company accused of North Korea trade violations


  • Chinese authorities are investigating a company that researchers say sold North Korea materials that can be used by its growing nuclear weapons program in a crackdown that reflects Beijing’s growing frustration with its isolated neighbor.
  • The announcement about Hongxiang Industrial Development Co. In Dandong, a northeastern border city in Liaoning province, was unusually explicit for Beijing, whose dealings with the North are shrouded in secrecy.
  • Hongxiang is suspected of unspecified “serious economic crimes,” according to separate announcements by police in Liaoning and China’s foreign ministry. They gave no details but a South Korean think tank said last month it supplied aluminum oxide and other materials that are used in processing nuclear bomb fuel.

India to merge rail, general budgets; end non-plan, plan distinction


  • New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) India on Wednesday decided to do away with a 92-year-old legacy of separate general and railway budgets by unifying them and do away with differentiating plan and non-plan expenditure.
  • “From coming year, the railway and the general budget will be amalgamated. There will be only one budget. And secondly, distinction between plan and non-plan expenditure will be ended from next year,” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said here after a Cabinet meeting.
  • The decision to merge the rail and general budgets was mooted by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and endorsed by NITI Aayog’s member Bibek Debroy, which also proposed the doing away of the distinction between plan and non-plan expenditure.

BRICS nations seek ‘firm’ legal framework against terror


  •  Strongly condemning recent terror attacks, including in India, the BRICS member nations sought a “firm” legal framework under the UN for concerted efforts to fight terrorism effectively and called for expediting negotiations to an international accord against the menace.
  • India along with other BRICS member nations – Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa – in a meeting held here on the sidelines of the 71st session of UN General Assembly yesterday expressed concern that co .
  • The BRICS leaders called for an early conclusion of the negotiations on the Comprehensive Convention against Terrorism.

NASA will soon reveal a ‘surprising’ discovery about a moon of Jupiter that may support life


  • NASA on Tuesday issued a cryptic press announcement about Europa, an ice-encrusted moon of Jupiter that likely hides twice as much warm, liquid, and potentially habitable water as Earth.
  • The US space agency teased the discovery of some “surprising activity” out there, 390 million miles from Earth, citing the help of images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Astronomers will present results from a unique Europa observing campaign that resulted in surprising evidence of activity that may be related to the presence of a subsurface ocean on Europa.


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