IBPS PO 2016 Quantitative Aptitude Detailed Syllabus for Prelims

Quantitative Aptitude Section

  • Consists 35 questions
  • 1 mark will be awarded for every right answer
  • 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer
  • Total 35 marks

Expected number of questions from various topics of Quantitative Aptitude is as follows –

  • Simplification/Approximation – 5 questions
  • Number Series – 5 questions
  • Quadratic Equation – 5 questions
  • Data Interpretation – 10 questions (Tabular/Bar Graph/Pie Chart/Missing DI/Line Graph)
  • Miscellaneous – 10 questions (Profit loss, Average, SI & CI, Ratio & Proportion, Time & Work, Time, Speed & Distance, Boats & Streams, and Probability etc.)
  1. Simplification/Approximation –Simplification means to find out a final answer for a complex calculation. Simplification questions are asked to check the ability of a student to deal with numbers. Questions from this topic can be asked in one of the following two types-
  • Sometimes, a calculation is given and one of the numbers is missing from the calculation. To find out the missing number, we have to approximate the given numbers or do the basic operations.
  1. Number Series –As the name suggests that we have numbers which are written in a sequence thus making a ‘Number Series’. These numbers are written in a sequence because they follow a specific pattern. So we have to observe the pattern.

Generally two types of questions can be asked from number series:

  • Sometimes, a series is given and one of the numbers is missing from the series. To find out the missing number, we have to observe the pattern followed by given numbers in series. This pattern is followed by the missing number as well which helps us in identifying the missing number.
  1. Quadratic Equation –The questions from this topic consist of a single variety of questions generally. One quadratic equation in variable x and another quadratic equation in variable y is given. We have to solve the equations individually to find out the value of x and y both. After finding the values, we have to choose one option out of given options which consist of relation between both variables i.e. x>y, y>x, x≥y, y≥x or relation can’t be established.
  2. Data Interpretation –This is one of the parts of Quant section which needs proper time. The most important thing that one should realize is that these questions are in the paper tocheck our observation and calculation both. Firstly, look at the data carefully, understand the small specifications and then look at the type of questions asked and It can be done within a minute. Now we have an idea of the complete data and the related questions so now it’s the time for some calculations.

So we can say that a set of data interpretation questions are basically the normal questions using the huge amount of data given in the form of pie chart/ bar chart/ line chart/ tabular form etc.

  1. Miscellaneous –This part of Quantitative Aptitude section has a variety of questions from various topics. So students must be well aware of the basic concepts of each of the topics given below:
  • Work & Time
  • Speed, Time & Distance
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion (Problems on Partnership, Ages)
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Probability
  • Percentage & Averages
  • Mixture & Allegations

So, this is the detailed syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude section for IBPS PO 2016 Prelims Exam. One thing to keep in mind is that marks of prelims won’t be added for the final selection. So attempt the questions smartly.

All the best

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