IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016

Hello aspirants ! Institute of Banking Personnel selection (IBPS) will soon be releasing recruitment notice for Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). With the announcement, all the banking aspirants aiming for RRBs will start their preparation in the full swing. We have provided here some IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 for the candidates that will help them to plan and strategize for the exam. Working according to these Preparation Tips of IBPS RRB provided here will enable them to crack the exam.

The written examination is conducted and the qualifying candidates are screened in the Personal Interview. Following is the IBPS RRB Exam Pattern 2016:

Name of Section Marks allotted per section Total number of questions in the section
Reasoning 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
General Awareness 40 40
Hindi/English 40 40
Computer Proficiency 20 20
Total 200 marks 200 questions

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The candidates should view that there are five sections in the examination but there is no sectional cutoff. Each question has a weightage of 1 mark. Every wrong answer has a negative marking of 0.25 marks. The total weightage of the exam is 200 marks. The candidate has to finish the exam in duration of 2 and a half hour. The candidate must clear each section and the total cutoff which is decided by the IBPS. We will now give you sectional breakdown and thereby indicate how you can go about each section. However the following IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 will enlighten the candidates about the methods to go about the preparation.

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016

Following are the preparation tips and strategies for preparation of sections and some common strategies too:

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 (Reasoning section):

This section is one of the most loved sections of the examination as it is most awarding. The candidates should focus heavily on the basics. To score heavily in this section, the candidates need to focus more on the analytical part of the Reasoning rather than going hard by simulating the shortcuts. Remember the shortcuts won’t be in mind during the exam. Practice hard and practice daily.

The question will be based on a comprehension passage and the candidate needs to answer the questions that follow based on the passage. The trick to clear this section lies in increasing your reading speed. The passages will be lengthy and you will be tempted to skip it or leave it for later. Do not make this mistake! Practice reading newspapers and books and learn to increase your reading speed. You need to be able to skim through the passage to get a general sense of the passage. Once that is done you can easily jot down the answers to the questions. Remember that each section counts and this is one of the easiest sections. Make the most of the advantage!

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 (Quantitative Aptitude)

This section is among the most feared section of the examination because the vastness of the syllabus. The questions are often analytical and take time to solve. But for an RRB aspirant, they need to quickly wrap this section in order to score better in the examination. The candidates should understand that this section is hard for every candidates and being good in this section will obviously increase your chances. Hence they need to practice hard every day. Go by topic preparation first. Make all the exercises repeatedly before going on to make the question booklet. The questions in this section are basically asked from the following topics:

  • Decimal and Fractions
  • Simplification, Percentages
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Averages
  • Interest (Simple and Compound) Profit and Loss
  • Time and distance
  • Problems on Sharing
  • Frequency polygon
  • Bar-diagram
  • Pie-chart

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 (General Awareness)

This section is the easiest and most scoring of all the sections as the candidates only need to keep in the mind the recent activities. To score better in this section the candidates need to focus more on the daily news by reading the newspaper. They must keep in mind that at least 70% of the questions in this section will come directly from the Newspaper. Hence they must read and write down whatever they find on the daily basis in a separate note book. If you are aware about daily events and activities in India with daily newspaper habit seriously you can easily cover most of the part of general knowledge. You can easily score well in this part of exam.

GK Paper covers most of the part with current affairs so focus on it seriously specially related to Banking & Finance Sector. The question in this section is asked from the following topics:

  • Current Affairs of last 6 months
  • Indian Economy Questions
  • Marketing
  • Awards & Honors Sports
  • Finance
  • Agriculture
  • History of Banking
  • Banking Terms
  • RBI Functions
  • Fiscal Monetary Policies etc.

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 (Hindi/English)

This section is based purely on the comfort level of the candidate with the respective language. The candidate can choose either of the two languages and it only makes sense to choose the one you are most comfortable with. Read books and newspapers in the language that you have chosen. This will help you practice your comprehension skills. The most important part of this section is to be well versed with the grammar of the language. You must practice grammar based questions to score high in this section.

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016 (Computer Proficiency)

This section has put in the examination to deliberately check the proficiency of the candidate in handling the computer operations. To score heavily in this section, the candidates must be aware about the computer basics and focus should be to learn everything by heart. The questions in this section come from the following topics:

  • Basic of Computers
  • Computer Organization
  • Generations of computer
  • Input & Output Device
  • Shortcuts & Basic knowledge MS word
  • MS Excel, MS power point
  • Memory Orientation
  • Internet
  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Modem
  • Computer Abbreviations
  • Modern day Technology

Some Common IBPS RRB Preparation Tips 2016

Apart from the section wise tips and strategies, the candidates must also focus on the following common examination tips. These tips are general and hence very much obligatory in the nature:

  • Proper planning is required to clear this examination in order to clear the examination.
  • Update yourself with various happening around you. The GAT paper might trick you with a very latest question. For that purpose, keep a notebook and write everything you read which you believe can be important.
  • The candidates must focus on the section wise study as there would be a sectional cutoff to clear. Hence they cannot leave any section.
  • General knowledge section must be the most prized section if you are preparing for the IBPS PO Exam. This includes having sufficient information in the science and technology, sports, politics, geography etc.
  • There must be a proper time table and that time table must be followed judiciously in order to garner maximum profit from it.
  • Time management will also be a key factor. The time allotted in the examination is very low as compared to the number of questions asked in the examination. Hence the candidates must be lightning fast in calculation.
  • Use lots and lots of mock test to sharpen your knowledge. Practice from sample paper, use previous year question papers for that purpose.
  • Revision must be done after every day’s study. If you don’t revise what you have studied in the day, you will ultimately forget and that no one wants during the examination.
  • Take good care of health as it is required for any candidates to be mentally and physically fit to go about any sort of preparation. Hence take proper diet and must do medication to keep you healthy.

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