Shortcut Trick to remember Countries' capitals and currencies

Do you know..?? How many countries are there in the World..?
There are 196 countries Approximately.
It is very difficult to remember 196 countries, capitals and their currencies, So here is a list created with 70 famous and important countries in the world. Countries and their capitals are listed continent wise here. North America (1-8), south America (9-14), Europe (15-32), Asia (33-59), Africa (60-68), Australia (69-70).
We feel this is sufficient as focusing on all countries will lead to difficulty in recollecting the country capital or currency during an exam.
Tricks to Remember the countries capitals and their currencies
  • Remembering currencies is very easy if you concentrate well. North America – Dollar, South America – Peso, Asia – Rupee and Dinar,  Europe – Euro and Krone, Australia – Dollar. Most of the countries in a continent are using same currency (For example – Argentina, Chile, Uruguay using Peso Currency and they belong to same continent North America)
  • While learning Countries and Capital keep a Map in front of you. So that you can remember easily.
  • Use code word to remember. Try to create code words for every thing if you can (even if they are silly or funny).
      • For example Iran – Tehran (Ran end of the both words).
      • Denmark – Copenhagen (Mark = Pen, To mark any thing you need a pen).
      • Finland – Helsinki (Fin take it as Pin = Hell, If you Scratch yourself with Pin then it will pain and it feels like Hell)
Countries – Capital – Currency

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 Hope this helps you.
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