Why You should not study anything new on the Exam day?

Note: This is my funny way of explaining why you should not study at last minute, no scientific facts have been taken into account.. This is totally for fun, It may coincide with actual facts which I didnt include intentionally. 

This perhaps the most heard term from our childhood, Never study new things at last minute which will not only harassing to your brain, it will try to learn it so badly than you so that it keeps away the old memories.


A computer has RAM, Hard Disk, Display and operators such as Keyboard and mouse, right.. uh..!

Now Assume your brain as a Computer.

Whatever you study is stored in Hard Disk part of the brain and whenever you ask your brain to reproduce something already stored through operators like asking questions, placing some terms or just by thinking, it will process it and gives you the result. Simple isn’t it?


But what happens here is when you learn new things it shall be processed through RAM, and unlike you can cancel things in computer you can’t ask your BRAIN as it will only accept commands not modifications. Thats why even if you want to forgot about something you cannot whereas you can delete something easily in your PC.


So when you start learning new things more RAM (temporary memory) will be occupied and it will be processing it to grab the things and store it in the Hard Disk. When you give new requests to recollect the data, it may have to use the remaining RAM. So you will not get results properly or sometimes it will return 404 error also.

So keep the RAM free and shut down the brain properly overnight and boot it properly on morning and have a cracking exam..!

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