WhatsApp Android Beta Update allow sharing videos similar to Animated Gif images

WhatsApp android Beta Update: WhatsApp for android devices has been finally having rolled out the supporting feature to share videos as gif pictures. However, the messenger application Whats App has been regularly updating the app with new features. For now, this updated feature can permit the user to send or receive the video as a gif image. The new feature from Whats App can let users convert a video of 6 seconds or less to a gif image. This feature has also introduced within the iOS devices. The new gif image support is available to WhatsApp for android users who are running beta versions 2.16.242 to 2.16.244. the most recent beta version WhatsApp for android version available on Google Play supports the gif image feature.whatsapp-android-beta

According to the reports, the gif image support was seen on the 2.16.242 beta version of WhatsApp for android. However, some school experts severally tested the gif image support on the 2.16.242 to 2.16.244 beta versions of WhatsApp for android.

WhatsApp users to send a gif image they will have a chat screen in the traveller app. when selection of the involved video or the attachment, users can head to record video option and record a 6-second video (or below 6 seconds). Before sending the recorded attachment, the trimming video page can appear with a camcorder icon on the top right corner of the page. On selecting the icon, the recorded video can convert into a gif image.

The files are literally converted and transmitted as audio less mp4 files that auto-play inline within the chat window. It additionally works for once users are attaching an existing video from another app and sharing via Whats App. It’s price inform that the camcorder icon doesn’t seem for videos that haven’t yet been cut in size to 6 seconds or less.


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